CreativeSchism.com (a.k.a. the art of Phil Fensterer).

Creative Schism is a moniker I adopted to explain why you see different styles of art from one artist. I enjoy the darker and more surreal works that inspire to create some weird but freeing artwork. At the same time, I have fallen in love with the gig poster side of illustration, or if you prefer, the gig life.

Since this duality has caused a division or schism, if you will, in which direction I would like to pursue as both styles are very different from each other, I chose to do both, why not? Hence the name Creative Schism.

Originally from the 505 (Albuquqerque, NM), I am expanding the Creative Schism name internationally by creating gig posters, book covers and album art plus whatever else strikes a client's fancy. I am always evoloving so styles that I create one moment can vary a bit the next. But there is an overall vibe that's unmistakably evident that it is my original art/design.

Clients have varied from smaller metal bands internationally as well as locally to well known music acts such as Morgan Wallen, Interpol, The String Cheese Incident, Slightly Stoopid, The Marley Brothers, Fortunate Youth and more. I also created artwork for varied events including benefit comedic shows featuring well known comedians Marc Maron and Jim Norton. No matter the event if you need a limited edition collectible poster, album art, book covers or just need some original artwork and are looking for some info on how to get started just let me know.